Maurice Roussety, Working With the Country’s Top Institutions

As a business consultant success with the largest and most prosperous companies in the country is a great measure as tot the success of your methods and the scope of your reputation For Maurice Roussety, having worked for some of Australia’s premium brands such as such as Westpac, Optus, IAG, ACCC, Australia Post, and Coles Myer, has proven his ability to add sustained value to those he has worked with. Whether it has been the private sector or the public sector, Maurice Roussety as excelled in his role as strategical and analytical business consultant, utilizing his PhD in economics and worldly global business experience. Here we’ll take a look at some of his past engagements and how they have helped define the man.

Find out more from Maurice Roussety, Experience Working For Australia‚Äôs Finest here. One of Maurice Roussety’s proudest job roles was working with the Queensland Transport Authority, where he was retained as a Consultant to assist the department in its lead role in the Smart Service Queensland initiative to do a number of things. Here he developed a comprehensive face-to-face model to support a whole-of-government initiative known as Smart Service Queensland. This initiative focused on the integration and aggregation of services delivered by various government agencies in Queensland with the overriding objective of improving customer access and quality of service. He also undertook extensive Excel based econometric and financial modeling of agency revenues, costs under prevailing and proposed hub, and spoke system. Furthermore, in this role, Maurice carried out complex geo-demographic analysis of market areas of various agency locations, site mapping and service demand forecasting.

In another equally challenging role, Maurice Roussety worked with Touch Projects. Here he focused on national growth strategy, comprising the development of vertical processes that will enhance its competitive posture in the marketplace by extending and consolidating its service offering and staying true its value proposition. Identification of present and forward opportunities for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its business model, particularly in relation to the costs to deliver, time to deliver, services being delivered, and value being delivered in context of an integrated digital media strategy. For Maurice Antoine Roussety, Project Management and Consultancy Excellency comes with hard work and dedication to professional development at all stages in your career. This means that with every project he has undertaken, Maurice Roussety has learned something that he has been able to take on to future projects, and improve his overall abilities.

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