Maurice Roussety, The Seeds Are Sown in Childhood for Professional Success

When successful people look back on their childhoods, they often recognize trends and patterns that emerged in their characters and personalities, which they were able to cultivate to make them the successes they are today. Maurice Roussety is regarded as one of Australia’s top business consultants, and influential public speakers today, and often reflects on his rather unorthodox and at times difficult upbringing, and sees how this adversity fueled his success. Here we’ll take a look at his childhood, and how it helped define him to become the man he is today.

Find out more from Maurice Roussety, Preparing Business for Globalization on the link in bold. Maurice Roussety was born in Mauritius, and was always entrepreneurial, creative, building, and fixing things. From the age of nine, he says he was making sling shots out of left over strips of elastic bands from his mum’s sewing, carved small sailing boats out of wood and dust pans with long handles from old oil cans and sold them to the local shopkeeper and school friends for a few rupees that went a long way towards school books… but never enough to buy that elusive pair of soccer books that was always on his Christmas list! Earlier childhood was also full of hospital visits for the young sickly Maurice. Ranging from severe asthma attacks to diphtheria to a gangrenous infection, Maurice became well known at the local hospital. However, his resolute and determination always helped him recover fast.

Maurice was 13 when his mum made the courageous move to Australia with them. He attended Chandler High school, a small public school in Noble Park. However, he had little English, spoke with a very strong French accent, played soccer (rather than Aussie rules) dark in complexion, dressed differently and was taller than the average 13 year-old. It was no surprise that Maurice didn’t feel like he fit in. In those earlier days, migrants like me were few and far between, at least at Chandler High, and Maurice Roussety always felt a little like an outsider. He was always different at school and was never really accepted, but this troubled school period helped him flourish, as he was determined to prove the others at school and his teachers wrong! Find out more about his life and career here at Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety Official account on authorstream.

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