Maurice Roussety, The Need of a Leader

The Advantages of Having Leadership Qualities in Business

The 4 things every true leader wants you to know can be easily determined by communicating with a leader. Many people believe that leadership qualities cannot be acquired or taught- one has to be born with leadership qualities. It is not a matter of joke to be a leader because it involves many responsibilities that have to be executed perfectly. A true leader cannot function without the trust of the other members of the team. A leader often challenges his team members, not to demean or insult them, but to bring out the best in everyone. Without an excellent team, a leader can never thrive. A leader always guides, helps, motivates and advises every team member so that they can reach the pinnacle of success.

Antoine Roussety has completed his post-graduation in Leadership and in Business Administration from the University of New England in New South Wales. Dr. Roussety realizes that just like every field of life, the business world too needs leader. He, himself has been the cause of inspiration to many and has guided many people to the path of success. A leader often stays away from lime light and ensures that his team members are awarded on his behalf. The world has seen iconic leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Barrack Obama, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, while the business world has witnessed leaders like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Dr. Maurice Roussety.

Maurice Roussety Is Economics & Accounting Expert as his under graduate degree is in Economics from the Monash University. Dr. Roussety is a well-known analyst and strategist in the field of marketing and finance. Many companies like Westpac, IAG, Optus, ACCC, Australia Post and Coles Myer have benefited due to his valuable advice. He delivers lectures at the Griffith University on topics like small business, marketing, franchising and entrepreneurship. In DST Advisory, he works as an Executive Consultant.

Maurice Roussety voices that newcomers should choose franchising as their first business because it gives a lot of scope to settle firmly in the market. Franchising ensures guidance of the parent company and bags easy revenue. A franchise does not need to think about getting hold of customers as they can use the goodwill of their parent organization to secure clients. The risk factors involved in franchising is negligible and it delivers generous returns.

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