Maurice Roussety, Taking On the Topical Issues of Our Time

What are the most trending topical business issues of the modern age? Of course, technology has proven to be one of them. The developments we have seen since the rise of  the internet in the 90s have opened up a whole spectrum of exciting opportunities for companies willing to take the leap into the digital world, and changed their landscape and the way they interact with customers and clients. The rise in technology however has highlighted two extremely important facets of traditional business thought, that are in need of more rigorous contemplation than they have been at any other time in business history- customer satisfaction and globalization. Together, they form part of a group of the most trending business topics that are being broached by experienced business consultants and keynote speakers such as Maurice Roussety, who with his seminars, aims to help enlighten people as to how to embrace and understand the concepts in the modern age.

Check out the latest Tweets from Maurice Roussety to keep track of his latest ideas and thoughts on business. One of Maurice Roussety’s most compelling topics of discussion as a seminar is on customer satisfaction itself. In this 60-minute conversation, he explores why customer satisfaction is as much an economic as it is a strategic business imperative that is not easy to measure as some people may think. It largely depends on how the product has performed relative to the customer’s expectations. The challenge for businesses is not so much to satisfy the customer at point of purchase or consumption but to provide an integrated service experience at the pre-purchase, post-purchase and future-purchase phases of the customer-relationship continuum. This lecture is ideal for line managers, marketers and sales executives looking to enhance their knowledge of the importance of, and pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Globalization, as mentioned, is another word that has businesses buzzing equally in anticipation and anxiety. In a 90-minute insight into playing in our global village, Maurice Roussety discusses this subject. Globalization is neither a new world experience nor a passing fad. It is here to stay and will continue to prevail as long as competition exists and the global market transitions towards being less international. It is a process of change in an organization’s growth and evolution, and in Australia, it stems from the Golden Age and that which is driven by cultural, social, economic, political and informational influencers. Find out more about Maurice Roussety,  and The Post Digital Economy here.

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