Maurice Roussety, Tailoring Services to Suit The Needs of The Business

Most consultancy services offer packages to their clients, with pre-bundled courses, seminars and training packages, that they can either take or leave. It is an understandable business model, as for the consultancy company, it allows them to standardize their product, refine it and make t as applicable to many prospective clients as possible. However, some businesses are looking for a more unique, versatile, and personalized training course and seminar. For this reason, working with individuals and experienced professionals is often the preferred path to go down for businesses looking for something more specific to their needs. Maurice Roussety is one of Australia’s most prominent business consultants, and specializes in being able to tailor his services to meet the needs of his clients.

If you’d like to find out more about his services and offers, then visit the following link in bold here. Dr. Maurice Roussety Will Soon Release His PhD Thesis on Franchise Systems in Australia. For Maurice Roussety, using his experience in business, high level of academic education and personal life story combine to make him an engaging, informative, motivational and inspiring individual.

For Maurice Roussety, every organization should realize that they are unique. Their needs are specific and their people expect value. It poses a challenge for nearly every speaker and presenter! Fortunately for Maurice Roussety, not all speakers and presenters tailor their style and content to fit their prospective clients’ organization, their needs and their important people.

Whilst Maurice generally speaks on low-cost growth strategies (of which franchising is one) leadership and small business issues, he also has a personal story that never fails to inspire an audience. Maurice Roussety enjoys the process of getting to know each and every client, and their audience before accepting a brief… this is an exciting discovery process that ensures an alignment of goals and the delivery of insightful content. If the programs he has on offer do not suit the clients’ needs, then Maurice Roussety is flexible enough to work out and develop a suitable program that suits the people’s needs. Maurice Roussety is so confident of his services and that clients won’t be disappointed that he offers a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of his fees. He has many examples of Motivational, Leadership and Business topics delivered in Keynote, seminars and workshops. Find out more about him here Maurice Roussety (Griffith University, Brisbane) on ResearchGate.

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