Maurice Roussety, Overcoming the Highs and Lows of Life

However privileged or poor our upbringing is, we are all not immune to the highs and lows of life. For some, there are more lows than highs, for others, vice versa. What is important is not the amount of these, but more how we react or deal with these situations, and what we do to counter them. It is in our reactions and resilience, that our characters are determined, and in turn, what will help test our strength and ability in the face of hardship. This for many is the path to success, learning from our low points and being able to overcome them to become the people we are proud of. Maurice Roussety is one such man who has had his fair share of highs and lows, and today is recognized as one of the most prestigious business consultants in Australia today.

Check out Maurice Roussety Official account on Dailymotion to find out more about him. Born in Mauritius, Maurice Roussety lost his father at a very young age. When he was 13, his mum made the courageous move to Australia to seek a better life for him and his sisters. He attended Chandler High school, a small public school in Noble Park. He had little English, spoke with a very strong French accent, played soccer (rather than Aussie rules) dark in complexion, dressed differently and was taller than the average 13 year-old. As you can imagine, in the days before mass migration, Maurice Roussety certainly felt a little outcast among his new environment, with students and teachers alike. He was therefore always different at school and was never really accepted, which was emotionally a very difficult time for him.

However, with grit and determination, he went on to build a substantial consulting business, studied Economics and Commerce, completed to Masters’ degrees and a PhD. However, his achievements taught him very little about life and it vagaries. He argues that his biggest learning came late in life when his world fell apart, fell in a dark hole and hit rock bottom, maybe even a few meters below. He lost everything- his family,  reputation,  finances and will to go on. However, he dug himself out of this difficult time, and rose to become one of the most recognized and popular business consultants in Australia today. Find out more with this Maurice Roussety on SlideShare.

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