Maurice Roussety, Not Letting a Rough Childhood Get in the Way

Keeping Motivated

To learn more About Maurice Roussety click here.Few people have the drive and determination of Maurice Antoine Roussety. A well respected businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Roussety gets his will to succeed from his difficult upbringing as a child. Born in Mauritius, Maurice suffered from Polio and had to wear leg braces. His father who was bound to a wheelchair due to being paralyzed by a severe stroke passed away when he was just a young boy. His mother who was incredibly young at the time faced the immense responsibility of bringing up Maurice and his two elder sisters. Early childhood was full of hospital visits for young Maurice, for things ranging from severe asthma attacks, diphtheria, and even a gangrenous infection. Because of this he became well known in the emergency room. While his childhood was difficult at points, Maurice is the first to admit that there was also plenty of good times and fond memories.

He has said that he has vivid memories of playing soccer with his friends on a gravel road outside of his house. He was selected as school captain for three years in a row, where he led the school soccer team to a historic inter-school victory. Dr. Maurice Roussety was always a top student as well with academic achievement being a very important thing to him. Success in school was seen as very important where he was from as it was seen as a ticket to a better life for oneself and one’s family. Dr. Roussety took all this to heart and studied hard and achieved so that he could build a better life for himself and his family. An entrepreneur from a very young age, Maurice was always creating, building, and fixing anything that he could get his hands on. From the age of nine he was making sling shots out of elastic bands he got from his mum’s sewing kit, as well as carving small boats out of wood and took everything from dust pans with long handles to old oil cans and sold them to local shopkeepers and school friends for a few rupees. When he was 13 he and his family made the difficult move to Australia.

There he attended Chandler High School, a small public school in Noble Park. Things for Maurice were very difficult here as he knew very little English, spoke with a thick French accent, was dark in complexion, and dressed differently. Dr. Roussety has said that while in this new place he always felt different and never really accepted, however he never let this get him down and he continued to succeed in school. Dr. Roussety would go on to build a substantial consulting business that is still incredibly sought after even today.To learn more about this great entrepreneur and businessman, please visit Dr Maurice Roussety, Strives To Keep Ahead In The Franchising Stakes.

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