Maurice Roussety, Franchises for Ambitious Leaders

Business franchises have long offered ambitious business leaders the opportunity to open up a branch of a well established brand and help turn it into a success. When opening a business, people often toy with the idea of either opening a franchise and opening their own business or brand. Both have their positives and negatives, and can really get the brain ticking ass to what s the best choice for them. As mentioned, being an established brand means franchises certainly are less risk than starting your own company, so it is no surprise many who are starting out on their business journeys choose this safer method. So when it comes to buying a franchise, how can one accurately find which is the best brand to invest in?!


Maurice Roussety is an experienced business consultant, renowned for his utilization of lateral and conceptual frameworks in structuring complex business and financial arrangements. He has had a fruitful career in helping businesses and their leadership and employees make the most out of their potential, with his inspirational and innovative motivation, leadership and business workshops and seminars. He has proven himself time and time again the man to go to when it comes to analyzing and finding the best solution for big business decisions, and today offers a wide range of specialist business keynotes and seminars to help inspire the next generation.

One of his workshops focuses on knowing how to choose the right franchise when going down this business avenue. It’s named  ‘buying a franchise…let the buyer beware’, and helps underline some of the pitfalls faced when trying to choose the best band to invest in. The purpose of the workshop is to explore the issues prospective franchisee should look for when buying a franchise. In it, Maurice Roussety critically analyses the pitfalls of relying on brand presence only when selecting a franchise and offer a comprehensive checklist to mitigate the risk of disappointment and financial loss. It is the perfect course for someone thinking about investing in a franchise, and can help give them the toolkit needed to avoid falling down any traps along the way to opening one.

Franchises are still a hugely relevant business opportunity for those with ambition, resilience and a good head for business. However, it is always important that you critically weight up the risks and costs of such an investment, and Maurice Roussety can help get you on your way to understanding the industry a little better.

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