Maurice Antoine Roussety, What the Future Means for Businesses

When we talk about recent trends in both business and politics, globalization is one of the subjects that is most often brought up. Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Before the tech boom of the late twenty first century, businesses were largely stunted when it came to expanding internationally. They had to deal with the problems of having offices in different time zones, having different working hours, needing to travel long distances for meetings, and attempting to keep ongoing communication between headquarters active. With the birth of the internet, email, text messaging, and video chatting, international business has taken off in a way that was unexpected and exciting. Businesses are entering international stages much sooner than they ever have before and they are growing at a much more alarming rate.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, preparing business for globalization is a large part of his work as a consultant, speaker, and financial and marketing expert. Having studied Economics and Accounting at Monash University, Dr. Roussety quickly realized that he was fascinated with the way that businesses operated on a large scale. He decided to continue his education, first at the University of New England in New South Wales where he received a Masters of Business Administration, and then later at Griffith University in Queensland, where he received his Ph.D. in intellectual property and franchise-business valuation.

According to Dr. Maurice Roussety, one of the biggest shifts that we are currently experiencing has to do with competition in the market place. As businesses are being built internationally, sped up by technology, there is much more competition now than ever before. Despite the fact that the technology boom was quickly followed by thousands of “start up” tech companies around the world, the start up fad is quickly coming to a close and more individuals are turning to less risky endeavors in the global market.

According to Dr. Maurice Roussety (you can learn more about Maurice Antoine Roussety by visiting his website today), franchising is a better option in the modern market because it gives more stability. When opening a franchise, business owners have the backing of a larger parent company whose reputation and resources can help them keep their head above water in the initial challenging steps. What’s more, franchises generate revenues in excess of $144 billion and directly employ more than 460,000 Australians through over a thousand franchise systems.

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