Maurice Antoine Roussety, The Evolution of the Franchise Model

The franchise business model has proven to be one of the most successful, enduring and lucrative in the history of US capitalism. It has for over half a century proven to a great way to decentralize a growing corporations with power, while managing to share the interest of brand growth and awareness raising. It continues to thrive today, as other countries have also developed huge franchising opportunities, and created a truly global franchise market. However, alongside this globalization, has come the rise of technology, mass media and communications. What effect has this had on businesses and entrepreneurs pursuing a franchise business model?! Maurice Roussety is one of Australia’s if not the world’s, leading authorities on franchise models in the 21st century, having published a groundbreaking thesis study for his doctorate submission in the subject.

Check out the Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety Official account on Vimeo  to find out more. As a freelance high end business consultant today, Maurice Roussety takes his expertise across the country in a series of important keynotes in which he discusses the evolving structures of franchising in the modern age. In one 90-minute talk, he discusses the increasing popularity of on-line businesses and the demise of some big franchise brands. In in, Maurice Roussety explores the argument that traditional franchising models have reached a degenerative stage and offer credible reasons that whilst this view might be true in some instances, it erroneously assumes that e-commerce is not franchisable and that it cannot co-exist with traditional bricks and mortar models. I offer examples of how franchising theory can be leveraged to devise convergent growth models for the digital age of retailing. A must for new and emerging franchisers

In another, he explores the issues prospective franchisee should look for when buying a franchise. I critically analyze the pitfalls of relying on brand presence only when selecting a franchise and offer a comprehensive checklist to mitigate the risk of disappointment and financial loss. This is targeted at anyone intending to buy or sell a franchise.

For Antoine Maurice Roussety, Tailoring Consultation for Business Needs has been the key to his consultancy success, where he has been able to help his audiences find the inspiration they need to achieve success in the evolving world of franchises in the modern age. If you want to find out more about the topic, then visit the link in bold above.

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