Dr. Maurice Roussety, The Role of Consulting in Business

The Contributions of a Consultant to a Business

Maurice Roussety, the four pillars of an expert consulting strategist can be known from the numerous articles written by him. The world of business is changing drastically day by day and things are getting more and more complicated. The growth rate of the business world is very quick as new companies are being added every single day. On a global scale, it is very difficult to compete because of so many companies competing with one another. The neck to neck competition faced by every company for survival, has given birth to the consultancy system. The consultants offer their valuable advice and are paid handsomely in return.

The consultants use their experience and academic qualifications, to figure out ideas or methods for the survival of the company in the market. The consultants can also provide the companies with an outside perspective and also help them climb up the ladder of success. Dr. Maurice Roussety is a world famous marketing and finance analyst and strategist. He has consulted with multiple companies like Westpac, Optus, ACCC, IAG, Australia Post and Coles Myer. He is also the Executive Consultant of DST Advisory. His sound academic records and experience has enabled him to help many companies with their franchising needs.

Antoine Maurice Roussety, modern employment and business, has evolved a lot, to be at par with the rat race of the 21st century. Since the pre-historic era, mankind has been worried about the geographical barrier. Mankind has been figuring out ways by which the geographical barrier can be overcome. Man created boats, carts, ships, trains, cars and buses to travel easily from one place to another. With globalization making a permanent place in man’s life, conquering distance is no longer difficult. Globalization has made communication very easy and simple. The business world too, has used the benefits of outstanding communication to increase their business. Companies now use e-mails, telecommuters, and online websites to reach out to offices and clients.

The 21st century is considered to be the age of startups. Many people felt that franchising has no scope in today’s times. Maurice Roussety chooses to support franchising as he feels that franchising can bring greater revenue to an inspiring entrepreneur. Due to start ups emerging every single day, the market is becoming highly competitive. It is quite difficult for a newbie to establish a new company in the present situation without the help of a large scale company. Large scale companies have other methods to generate revenue and they can survive easily in the global market. Franchising is a safe option as the parent company is present to usher the newcomer.

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