Dr. Maurice Roussety, How Globalization Is Shaping the Business World

Globalization, more than any other recent phenomenon, has changed the world in unexpected ways. Globalization itself if a product of the advances in science and technology that have been made in the public sphere, bringing people smart phones and computers that grant them access to communication and information unlike ever before. This access to communication and information is shaping the way that people, governments, and businesses interact with one another. Especially in the world of business, and as capitalism continues to spread and adapt itself to our world’s economy, realizing the full impact that globalization is having on business culture is crucial for finding success in our worldwide economy. Often, accepting that the market is saturated in one area, or realizing there is potential in making a safe investment is the deciding factor between success and failure.

For Dr. Maurice Roussety, preparing business for globalization is the key to having a prosperous international community in the future. Dr. Maurice Roussety is a financial and marketing expert, renowned business analyst and strategist, expert in franchising, and accomplished academic. In this economy, Dr. Maurice Roussety is using his diverse background to help businesses keep their feet underneath them. He works as a professional consultant, teaching businesses about the changes that have come about in this globalized economy and what that means for how they need to run their business.

According to Dr. Maurice Roussety, one of the biggest impacts that globalization has had on the economy is that it has created a lot of competition. Small businesses are having trouble competing with foreign super companies that have access to more resources and manpower. His solution? Franchising. According to Dr. Roussety, franchising is a huge advantage for individuals looking to start their own business because they have the security of working for a larger entity with more access to resources and infrastructure.

For example, franchises, according to Dr. Roussety, are booming. In Australia alone, franchises generate revenues in excess of $144 billion and directly employ more than 460,000 Australians through over a thousand franchise systems. They are arguably the best avenues for breaking into the business world for modern professionals. For more information about Maurice Roussety, visiting his website or sign up for one of his many informational seminars today.

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