Antoine Roussety, It’s All About You and Your Needs

How to Manage Your Franchise

If you’d like to find out more about his consultancy methods, and areas of expertise, then you can visit the following page here at Dr. Maurice Roussety Will Soon Release His PhD Thesis on Franchise Systems in Australia.

The best business consultants in the world today recognize the need to tailor their services to the specific needs of the client. It is all very well having a plan and method that can be applied to numerous businesses, but at the end of the day if you can’t meet the clients’ business needs, then your not going to be able to help them achieve their targets. Dr. Maurice Roussety prides himself on being able to do just this, and devotes the first stage of any of his consultancy practices to satisfying the needs of the client.

As Dr. Maurice Roussety states on his informative website, ”Your organization is unique. Your needs are specific. Your people expect value. Now here’s a challenge for any speaker and presenter!” And it is a challenge that Maurice Roussety relishes the opportunity to rise to.

Fortunately for him, not all speakers and presenters tailor their style and content to the clients’ organization, their needs and of course, their people. Whilst Maurice Roussety generally speak on low-cost growth strategies (of which franchising is one) leadership and small business issues, he also has a personal back story that never fails to inspire an audience, which he weaves in articulately to his stories of success and growth.

There is nothing that Maurice Roussety quite enjoy like the process of getting to know the client and their audience before accepting a brief… this is an exciting discovery process that ensures an alignment of goals and the delivery of insightful content. It helps Maurice to better equip himself with the targets and vibe of the sessions, and can make all the difference in offering the best services. And if one needed a sign of good faith or confidence in the public speaking guru, on his website he states that ”Oh by the way, I am so confident you will not be disappointed that I offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE of my fees.” Now that’s a man who knows he can deliver the goods on a consistent basis. If you’d like to find out more about him, then visit the following web page here to Maurice Roussety (Griffith University, Brisbane) on ResearchGate.

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