Antoine Roussety, Globalization and its Effect on the Market

To Dr. Antoine Maurice Roussety Globalization, more than any other recent trend or phenomenon has change the world in many unexpected ways. Globalization itself is a product of the advances in technology and science that have been made in recent years. Globalization was able to put a smartphone in every person’s pocket and has allowed computers to grant access to information faster than any point in history. This access to instant communication is changing the way the people, business, and government interact with each other. It is these advancement in technology and telecommunication that demonstrate to Dr. Maurice Roussety, What Globalization Has Done to Business. This access to fast and easy information has been incredibly impactful in the world of business. As capitalism continues to spread and adapt itself to our now connected world economy, the impact of Globalization on our world is easier to see today than ever before. There is nobody better to tackle the topic of globalization and the impact it has on the world today than Dr. Maurice Roussety.

Dr. Roussety recently gave a ninety-minute seminar on preparing businesses for globalization. In his opinion, one of the biggest impacts that globalization is having on our economy is over saturation. With easy access to resources and information more so than ever before, more and more businesses around the world have popped up in established industries, making competition incredibly high. Focusing your energy on building a startup or a new business from the ground up is more difficult today than ever before. Dr. Roussety is often sought after for all the success he has had in the business world. Throughout his whole life, whether is was the high grades he achieved while in school, or the career success he has achieved more recently, Maurice Roussety has always displayed a commitment to excellence. It is this drive that allowed him to become so successful in the business world. Because to Dr Maurice Roussety, Life Lessons from a Different Childhood are what have shaped him into the entrepreneur and businessman that he is today.

His reputation comes from not only his high level of academic qualification, but also his determination and will to add value to the businesses he works for, all while treating each client as unique and meeting all of their specific needs. One such project which helped him polish his shining reputation was for IAG ltd, where he was retained as a consultant to develop a face-to-face expansion and transformation model, inclusive of validation and capability assessment for the NRMA brand. It is this in depth knowledge of globalization, and the value that his name brings to a brand that has made him so sought after in today’s day of age.

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