Antoine Roussety, Customer Service in The Modern Economy

“The customer is always right.” Such an iconic American motto of service and industry, but is it really the case? For anyone who has worked a single day in retail over the course of their life, this phrase might be the bane of existence. Dealing with arrogant or entitled customers is an accepted part of customer service in the United States, and our response to this phenomenon has always been to keep our heads down and do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Why? Because business is a lot about reputation. Businesses are not just trying to get customers to come to their stores; they are trying to get them to come back to their stores over and over again.  The United States has almost always had a developed capitalist economy and this means that customers have options when it comes to getting their products and services. Often, the choice of one restaurant over another, one dry cleaner over another, or one doctor over another is all about customer service.

For Antoine Maurice Roussety, building business on solid customer satisfaction foundations is crucial for making it in the current global market. Because of recent advances in science and technology, there is more competition than ever before, and customers are able to connect with businesses in unprecedented ways. This includes sharing their experiences—good or bad—through social media, shaping the reputation of a company globally. Because of this, many professionals, such as Antoine Maurice Roussety, and expert in business analysis and strategies, are shifting their focus to different avenues of business, mainly franchising.

The major change in marketing and business has come from the rise of the tech industry. Cell phones, email, online shopping, and online customer service evaluations have established an intimate relationship between customers and business. The modern consumer is more in tune to the goings on of their favorite businesses than ever before. They can get live updates on Twitter, print out coupons off of Facebook, or even see what their friends think by visiting Yelp. This means that a bad review online can be the deciding factor between a clients choice of one business over another. At the same time, it means that pushing for great online reviews is a huge advantage in the market place.

Dr. Maurice Antoine Roussety (on Issuu) believes that the future of the global market lies in the hands of customers, and businesses that catch on to this phenomenon early are at a serious advantage in the market.

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